Creating an Income Plan is essential to having a Peace of Mind.

What are your Expenses?

What are your Obligations?

What's important to you?

What's Your Income number?

A Look at Income - Cash Flow

Income planning is an essential part of a healthy portfolio whether you need it now or in retirement. Lally Wealth Management recognizes the importance while always taking into account the larger picture of what really matters to you. Our income strategies are designed to maximize income in addition to reducing downside risk during turbulent markets while still providing the income plan that is designed for you.

Income or cash flow may come from many types of investments:

  • ETFs - Exchange Traded Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Stock & ETF Options
  • Stock & ETF Dividends
  • Pensions (Defined Benefit Plans)
  • AnnuityOverlay® financial strategies
  • Social Security

Our goal at Lally Wealth Management is to provide our clients flexibility during their specific phase of life whether our clients are currently working or they are entering retirement. Income planning is essential to our client's lifestyle whether they would like to travel, visit with their adult children or grandchildren, or move to a new location.

We guide you in finding peace of mind by creating and adjusting your income to fit your unique lifestyle.

Protect Your Income = Protect Your Lifestyle

Profile, Portfolio & Income Analysis

Michael starts by building a profile of your unique lifestyle needs now and during retirement. What is your personal income number? In addition, we need to analyze your investment portfolio and other healthy income sources. Does your income sources equal your income goals?

Income Plan

You'll work with Michael to design a clear vision of your personal income goals. Then we'll match you with a specialized income plan that is tailored for your pre-retirement income needs and retirement income needs.

Dream Lifestyle

We will monitor and review your income plan annually to provide ongoing guidance along your retirement journey whether retirement will start in two years or twenty years.

Navigating and Protecting Your Path to and through Retirement is a choice.

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